Customer Feedback Leads to New, Efficient Lid Design

Author: PDI Healthcare

Categories: Surface Disinfection September 20, 2021

As part of PDI’s mission to provide trusted infection prevention products and solutions to keep patients and healthcare professionals safe and protected, we prioritize customer feedback and opinions to continually improve and innovate. One of the best ways for us to understand how to meet the needs of today’s fast-paced healthcare environments is by listening to those who have first-hand experience with our products.

Most recently, we identified an opportunity to improve the design of our wipe canister lids to ease the dispensing of wipes. We asked the PDI sales team to share real feedback they received on some common challenges surrounding dispensing wipes. Comments included difficulty feeding the first wipe through the opening, pulling out too many wipes at a time, and wasting time pulling out only one wipe at a time. Wipes drying out due to issues with keeping the canister lids closed was also a shared concern.

Our product team was inspired by these critiques, and as a result, we are excited to introduce the breakthrough, NEW Dual Access Lid! The intuitive design allows for easier and flexible access to wipes, whether you need multiple wipes or one at a time. The larger, more efficient opening provides quick and easy initial setup and uses to save time and improve facility operations. It has a flip cap with Snap and Close Technology, which simplifies closing the lid and helps reduce wipe dry out. The Dual Access Lid is an innovative solution that addresses customer concerns and improves the important work of those who spend their days cleaning and disinfecting to save lives.

To get real-world impressions of the new lid design, we asked our sales team—who are the eyes and ears for customer communications —for reaction and feedback from the front-line. Here is some of what they shared:

“The new lid is a huge improvement. Not having to take the lid off to go in and rethread is fantastic. Having the option to use the larger hole or pull and secure the wipe through the smaller one is great.”

“They can take the right number of wipes for the area they are disinfecting, and it is easy to close, which will help reduce drying.”

“The customers were all very excited and immediately saw the benefits. They believe we have addressed most, if not all, concerns with the new lid design.”

“Customers have been very happy …  All liked the auto close and said setting up a new canister with the new lid will be much easier.”

“It is a game-changer—end users and clinicians will love the ease of use!”

PDI is always striving to do more to reduce the spread of infection and preserve the wellbeing of those being touched by our products. The feedback our customers share helps support both our mission as well as the critical work they do on the frontlines to promote health and wellness.  The Dual Access Lid is a breakthrough in canister packaging design, enabling quicker, easier, more efficient access to disinfecting wipes in today’s fast-paced healthcare environments. To learn more, visit:

Contributions by: Bill DePippo, Territory Sales Manager, PDI; Dave Szvetecz, Executive Territory Sales Manager, PDI; George Uhl, Executive Territory Sales Manager, PDI; Tom Kubler, Executive Territory Sales Manager, PDI


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