CleanTalk Podcast: Meeting of the Minds: What’s Next for Infection Prevention

Categories: Events September 15, 2022

Why should hospitals take a dynamic approach toward technology supporting the infection prevention and control efforts? Why is a layered approach to surface disinfection important?  Tune into the upcoming episode of the Seal Shields CleanTalk podcast on September 28 at 3:00pm EST and find out!

PDI Clinical Science Liason Marc-Oliver Wright, MT(ASCP), MS, CIC, FAPIC, joins Bradley Whitchurch, Chairman, CEO at Seal Shield, to talk about how Infection Prevention professionals and Environmental Service staff can use a layered approach to minimize risk when it comes to surface disinfection along with emerging technologies on the landscape for improving sanitization in healthcare and PDI’s layered approach to infection control. 

About Bradley Whitchurch

Brad Whitchurch holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Rollins College and has been a pioneer in the computer products industry for over 30 years. Prior to founding Seal Shield in 2006, Mr. Whitchurch served as President at Embassy Sales; Senior VP of Sales and Marketing for Unotron Inc.; Director of Sales with Actiontec Electronics; and in various roles with computer product distributors including Tech Data, Ameriquest, and Computer 2000.  Mr. Whitchurch is a leading technology developer and inventor of such devices as the dishwasher-safe keyboard, washable mouse, and waterproof TV remote control.

Mr. Whitchurch has been honored as Jacksonville’s “Ultimate CEO” by the Jacksonville Business Journal. Mr. Whitchurch is motivated by Seal Shield’s mission to “Prevent Infections and Save Lives,” and is passionate about developing infection control solutions which can make a meaningful, measurable impact in healthcare and society.