Be The Difference®

Thank you to all the healthcare workers and other personnel on the frontlines helping to save lives in the fight against COVID-19. More than ever, you inspire us to Be The Difference® with proven, trusted infection prevention products and solutions designed to protect you and your patients.

Hospitals need multiple layers of defense to ensure the highest level of cleanliness because no single approach can completely eliminate the environment of microorganisms.

With rising numbers of Monkeypox cases, and the CDC urging alert, all hospital and healthcare professionals need a fundamental understanding of what the virus is, how it’s transmitted, and importantly, the best practices for patient and staff safety.

You're a busy healthcare professional. That's why we created this free infection prevention CE course. Join us to learn how to be an impactful Infection Preventionist in the first year!

The environment is a primary, and often unexpected, source of infections. When you partner with PDI, you can trust that you are using clinically advanced products specifically for the healthcare environment. Explore our wide range of Environment of Care products to help your staff maintain a cleaner environment.