Healthcare Packaging: Disinfecting Wipes Faster and Easier to Access With New Lid Design

Categories: Articles November 8, 2021
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Healthcare Packaging Magazine recently published an article entitled Disinfecting Wipes Faster and Easier to Access With New Lid Design, where the publication team sat down with Ben Dolcimascolo, PDI Product Director, Environment of Care, PDI Healthcare, to discuss the design process while creating the new Dual Access Lid. This lid design is a flip-top lid with snap & close technology to avoid issues with access and drying out.



Excerpt from the article:

Q: What led you to create the Dual Access Lid design?

A: PDI received customer input over the years on key challenges they face during the disinfecting process. We identified an opportunity to improve the design of our wipe canister lids to ease the dispensing of wipes. We asked the PDI sales team to share real feedback they received on some common challenges surrounding dispensing wipes. Comments included difficulty feeding the first wipe through the opening, pulling out too many wipes at a time, and wasting time pulling out only one wipe at a time. Wipes drying out due to issues with keeping the canister lids closed was also a shared concern.

Key drivers included an easy and quick set-up. For that, PDI incorporated a wide opening for rapid initial thread and reload. The demand for intuitive design led to a flip-top lid with snap & close technology for easy dispensing of both single and multiple wipes and better moisture protection to help eliminate dry out. The lid has also been designed with a bi-stable hinge to support clear open and closed positions, ensuring the flip cap does not interfere with dispensing.

Q: What did the process of placing customer feedback into the lid design look like?

A: We are always listening and looking for opportunities to help end-users achieve infection prevention goals. Development of the Dual Access Lid was an iterative process whereby we showed customers comps for trial and incorporated their feedback into the design before finalizing. Too often we observed customers struggle with canister lids, including loading the first wipe, dispensing multiple wipes, and leaving lids open. We felt that with some innovation, we could address these issues and improve the customer experience, saving staff time and allowing them to focus on patients.

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