Solvay and PDI Healthcare collaborate on disinfectant resistance testing of specialty polymers

Categories: Press Release February 11, 2020

PDI featured in Solvay’s Press Release, February 11:

Excerpt: Solvay announced the results from PDI Healthcare’s compatibility study of Solvay’s polymers with healthcare disinfectants. In collaboration with Solvay, PDI Healthcare – a leader in infection prevention products and solutions – conducted performance and cosmetic tests on multiple Solvay high-performance specialty polymers. Several PDI disinfectants, including Sani-24®, Sani-HyPerCide® , Sani-Prime®, and Super Sani-Cloth®, were used to test Solvay’s Specialty Polymers. These materials are employed extensively in medical devices and equipment that are exposed to the repeated application of aggressive disinfectants used to help prevent the risk of hospital acquired infections (HAI). Detailed test results can be found on PDI Healthcare’s website.