PDI Partners with SEKISUI KYDEX for MD&M West Session on Compatibility of Disinfectants

Categories: Events March 29, 2022

PDI is proud to partner with SEKISUI KYDEX for an educational session at MD&M West on the compatibility of disinfectants on Tuesday, April 12, 2022, from 9:00 AM– 9:30 AM EST. In this educational session entitled, The Importance of Material Selection when Designing Enclosures, PDI and SEKISUI KYDEX set out to understand the compatibility of disinfectants on popular medical equipment materials, and how it affects durability. Extensive testing was completed following the ASTM D543-20 Standard, a globally recognized testing practice for evaluating the resistance of plastics to chemical reagents, on several popular materials including ABS, PC, PC/ABS, and PVC. Weight, dimensional changes, aesthetic changes, and mechanical properties were evaluated for material degradation.

Many plastics used for medical devices suffer from environmental stress cracking from exposure to healthcare-grade disinfectants. Plastic degradation can lead to loss of device function and eventually complete device failure. Understanding material limits of chemical resistance to disinfectants is a critical step in material selection by design engineers and OEMs to ensure medical devices meet their intended product service life.

  • Session Title: The Importance of Material Selection when Designing Enclosures
  • Session Date: Tuesday, April 12, 2022
  • Session Time: 9:00 AM– 9:30 AM EST
  • Speakers:
    • Mike Zettel is a material scientist with 15 years of experience in myriad industries ranging from nanomaterials, composite development, and qualification to medical device material selection and design. Currently, he holds the position of Senior Material Scientist and runs the Compatibility Program at PDI, Inc. The Compatibility Program is designed to assist original equipment manufacturers with the material selection through joint material testing with raw material manufacturers, in addition to supporting PDI’s valued customers.
    • Mark Denning, Medical Market Business Manager at SEKISUI KYDEX, has 24+ years of experience in the plastics industry. As a passionate advocate for collaboration – Mark’s goal is to match KYDEX® thermoplastics products and technologies with customers’ needs, to provide the quality, long-lasting, and sustainable solutions.
    • Lucas Allen, SEKISUI KYDEX Medical Applications Engineer, assists OEMs, CMs, and Designers with converting materials to sustainable, recyclable, KYDEX® thermoplastics. From design to delivery, Lucas provides technical and application design support, including rapid prototyping within the appLab™. Here he oversees mold fabrication, thermoforming, CNC trimming, and extensive material testing for the medical market.