NBC New York: NY Sanitizer Facility Working Overtime to Wipe Out Coronavirus

Categories: Articles March 6, 2020
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NBC 4 New York’s Pat Battle recently spoke with representatives from PDI and sister division, Nice-Pak, about the COVID-19 epidemic, managing customer’s needs while balancing public concern.

Effectively Fighting HAIs Using an Integrated, Bundled Approach

Source: NBC 4 New York

Excerpt from the article:

“The recent madness behind coronavirus has driven a 25 percent spike in production, especially as the outbreak hit closer to home. Another official with the company said they started getting prepared in October, and when the virus started spreading in U.S. earlier this year, they saw the first initial boost — which has only gotten bigger this past week. Being such a critical link, the company is instituting health screening practices and asking employees to refrain from non-essential travel. They understand how important their work is and they get a lot of satisfaction getting that extra volume out the door, knowing what it’s going to right now,” said Nice-Pak’s Vice President of Operations, Jerry Zukowsky”

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