Infection Control Today:WHO’s World Hand Hygiene Day for Infection Preventionists

Categories: Articles May 5, 2022

Infection Control Today recently published an article written by PDI Director of Clinical Affairs Debra A. Hagberg, MT(ASCP), CIC, entitled, WHO’s World Hand Hygiene Day for Infection Preventionists: Unite for Safety: Clean Your Hands, which discusses the importance of hand hygiene for infection preventionists along with the key 5 hand hygiene tips.

Excerpt from the article:

PDI is highlighting World Hand Hygiene Day to prioritize the importance of hand hygiene to help prevent infection and save lives. As an organization, we are dedicated to leading the fight against preventable infections in health care, food service, and our communities. The most important practice for the prevention of disease transmission is meticulous hand hygiene. This is the most basic infection prevention practice that we can do; however, it is so often not performed well or not performed at all.

When an organization or a community makes a concerted effort to promote hand hygiene and infection prevention in general, this will result in an improved patient, consumer, and employee safety and reduced overall risk of infection. The theme for World Hand Hygiene Day 2022 is “Unite for Safety: clean your hands.” PDI is in a great position to provide support and encouragement on cleaning hands at the right times, at the right frequency, and with the right products for this endeavor. We are ready to unite and be the difference!

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