What is the contact time for Sani-24® Germicidal Spray and Wipe?

Categories: Environment of Care May 28, 2019

The Sani-24 Wipe is effective against 27 microorganisms, including SARS-CoV-2, within a 1-minute contact time. Additional organisms are included within a 5-minute contact time; specific details listed below:

Figure 1. List of Disinfection Organisms*

Contact Time Sani-24

Figure 2. List of Residual Disinfection Organisms (Continuously Active Disinfection)*

Upon following the directions for use for Continuously Active Disinfection, disinfection occurs within 5 minutes for certain organisms listed below following contamination events or touches for up to 24 hours post application.

*The above organisms names may be abbreviated. Please refer to the Sani-24 Technical Data Bulletin for detailed list of organism reference numbers and strain information.