Crack Under Pressure – Mitigating Environmental Stress Damage

Categories: Articles & Healthcare June 19, 2017
PDI Compatibility

PDI Healthcare’s Sani-Cloth® Germicidal Disposable Wipes were featured on Medical Device Developments website.

Crack Under Pressure – Mitigating Environmental Stress Damage

Medical Device Developments (

Author: James Runt with Expert Commentary from Cheryl Moran, Senior Director of Portfolio Management at PDI


In 2016 the thermoplastics company SABIC collaborated with PDI, a supplier of infection-prevention products, to test how well their materials withstood exposure to PDI’s Super Sani-Cloth wipes. Several of its product technologies (including its LEXAN EXL polycarbonate resin and XYLEX PC/polyester blend resin) were shown to deliver improved compatibility.

“By guiding manufacturers towards plastics that are better suited for the specific disinfecting requirements of each medical device, our study benefits both medical device manufacturers and healthcare providers,” says Cheryl Moran, senior director of portfolio management, PDI Infection Prevention. “[This ultimately benefits] the patient, who can be protected from potential adverse events resulting from damaged or improperly disinfected equipment. Continuing our collaboration with SABIC and medical equipment manufacturers will enable even further insights as additional technologies emerge.”

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