Sani-HyPerCide™ Disinfectants Visual Comparison

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PDI understands how important aesthetics are in today’s healthcare patient experience. Providers and patients demand more than just clean surfaces to prevent healthcare associated infections (HAIs). It’s not enough to simply clean and disinfect – surfaces must also look clean.

Many surfaces in the healthcare setting are disinfected by bleach, with some formulations leaving behind a streaky surface or residue. This requires a secondary step of cleaning the residue to leave the surface looking clean. The hydrogen peroxide formulation of Sani-HyPerCide disinfectant provides the ability to disinfect against the most harmful pathogens, including Clostridioides difficile (C. diff.), without leaving behind unsightly residue.

To demonstrate the superior cosmetic performance of Sani-HyPerCide disinfectant vs. Clorox® Bleach, PDI conducted a study to evaluate residue on sample tiles.




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