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Healthcare Professionals.Do you know your medical devices’ disinfection guidelines? We can help identify which products are approved and compatible!

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How You Can Help!

Identify Approved Products: Check the device manufacturer’s IFUs / User Manuals or supplemental Disinfection / Cleaning Guides for disinfection guidelines to determine a compatible disinfectant.

Inform: Let us know of medical devices that you are unable to identify an approved disinfectant for and request support with the medical device manufacturer by completing the form below.

Engage Equipment Manufacturers: Help PDI engage with medical device manufacturers by contacting your local PDI sales representative and requesting the PDI disinfectant be included in future testing.

Compatibility in Action:
Understanding the interactions between disinfectants and plastics

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Powerful Disinfection Made Easier

  • Effective against relevant microorganisms including C. auris, TB, and Norovirus in 1 minute. Learn more. 
  • Compatible2 with surfaces and materials commonly found in the healthcare setting.
  • Spray format can be used for Soft Surface Sanitization.
  • Efficient and easy-to-use – Requires no mixing or dilution.

A More Compatible Alternative to Bleach

  • Unlike bleach products, the hydrogen peroxide formulation in Sani-HyPerCide® disinfectant provides the ability to disinfect against Clostridioides difficile without leaving behind an unsightly visual residue. See visual comparison here. 
  • More compatible on surfaces and materials than competitive bleach products in that it leaves behind a less visible residue.3
  • Eliminates the need for a secondary cleaning step to remove visual residue.

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