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Market Leaders in Disinfecting Wipes.PDI’s Sani-Cloth® is the number one brand of disinfecting wipes in healthcare, 75% of US hospitals trust PDI for surface disinfection.

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Why Partner With ?

*Market leadership claims based on Q3 2023 Clarivate Data


  • Why do your products need to be compatible?

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  • Why is a compatibility partnership
    with PDI
     better than the other options?

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    • At PDI, we get it – testing every product is unrealistic. That’s why we introduced the Compatible by Design™ program, your key to effortless compatibility and peace of mind.

    • Trusted Advisor

      Trusted Advisor

      • Advisory discussion on testing protocols.
      • Broad range of material compatibility data.
      • Partnership feedback on the device’s disinfection guidelines.
    • Testing & Evaluation

      Testing & Evaluation

      • Aesthetic and strength testing.
      • Provide recommendation on potential compatible disinfectants.
      • PDI provides or receives product samples for testing.
    • Report & Recommendation

      Report & Recommendation

      • Review results.
      • Update the equipment’s Instruction For Use (IFU).
      • Communicate with our customers.
    • Collaboration


      • Co-marketing opportunities.
      • Continued compatibility testing.
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    PDI collaborates with top healthcare innovators to ensure product
    compatibility and deliver on crucial customer requirements.

    • Sani-Cloth® disinfectant wipes are approved on over 1,000 medical devices.

    Compatibility in Action

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