Infection Preventionists & Environmental Service Managers PDI is Here to Help You Clean and Disinfect Surfaces Throughout Your Facility.

Intuitive Packaging and Product Design

More Packaging Designs: Our portfolio of products is available in multiple formats, including canisters, pail/refill, softpack, or individual packets.

Equipment Compatibility: We continually test the compatibility between our products and the most commonly found materials in medical devices.

More Convenient: Our canisters feature the new Dual Access Lid with Snap & Close Technology to provide better moisture protection and help eliminate dry out.

Discover Our Disinfection and Cleaning Solutions

The environment is a primary, and often unexpected, source of infections. When your facility partners with PDI, you can trust that you are using clinically advanced products specifically for the healthcare environment. Explore our wide range of surface disinfectant products to help you maintain a cleaner and sanitary environment for your patients.

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Powerful Disinfection Made Easier

  • Kills SARS-CoV-2: Our portfolio of surface products is on the EPA’s List N for the Emerging Viral Pathogen claim, recommended by the CDC for surface disinfection to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. 
  • Kills Candida auris: Super Sani-Cloth, Sani-Prime, Sani-HyPerCide disinfectants have proven efficacy against C. auris. 
  • Kills Clostridioides difficile: Sani-HyPerCide products are the first and only EPA-registered non-bleach sporicidal disinfectants in a ready-to-use format approved to kill Clostridioides difficile. 
  • Protect Against ESKAPE Pathogens: Sani-24 wipe is the first and only EPA-approved disinfectant to protect against ESKAPE pathogens for up to 24 hours1.

Wipe Out HAIs, Without Wiping Out Equipment

Compatibility with plastics, metals and other common materials is a critical design criterion for PDI formulations. Our goal is to manufacture disinfectants that are strong enough to eliminate harmful bacteria, yet gentle enough to preserve the integrity of the medical devices that are being disinfected.

To accomplish this PDI works with leading equipment manufacturers like 3M, Abbott, Stryker, and Medtronic, to test our disinfectants on their products. Through our industry partnerships, we have been able to verify compatibility on over 1,000 medical devices. 

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