Environmental Pandemic Cleaning: Keeping Your Guard Up as the Public Opens Up

Type: Article & Best Practices

If there is one positive outcome of the global pandemic, it is the widespread awareness and practice of cleaning and disinfecting of environmental surfaces. Now with the highly contagious COVID-19 Delta variant on the rise and other common viruses, including influenza and the common cold, expected to spike in the coming months, rigorous cleaning and disinfection in public, business, and healthcare settings remain as critical as ever.

Understanding the sources of infectious disease transmission is important for remaining vigilant against contamination and spread. The environment and inanimate objects can serve as sources or vehicles of transmission for organisms or pathogens to a susceptible host (which may be a healthcare professional, patient, resident, visitor, or family member). It is well-known that infectious organisms may spread through direct or indirect contact. Contact transmission can even occur with pathogens spread primarily by droplet or airborne route as seen with SARS-CoV-2. We encourage you to download our latest clinical resource providing insight into understanding disinfection guidance to stay ahead.

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