Sani-Hands® Instant Hand Sanitizing Wipes

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An ideal hand hygiene solution for staff, visitors, patients or residents who cannot get out of bed to clean their hands. The cost to treat an HAI can be as much as $58,500. By preventing just one, a patient hand hygiene program could pay for itself for an entire year.1


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Bedside Pack (20 Count)

SKU # P71520

Packaging: 48/20's 

Dimensions: 8.4" x 5.5"

Front Label

  • 20 count pack perfect for the typical patient stay
  • Features educational icons to remind patients when to practice hand hygiene
  • Resealable, easy-to-open softpack

Medium Canister (135 Count)

SKU # P13472

Packaging: 12/135's

Dimensions: 6" x 7.5"

Front Label Back Label

  • Contains 135 wipes
  • Multi-count canister accommodates frequent usage
  • Place in patient rooms, nursing stations and hallways for convenient access

Large Canister (220 Count)

SKU # P15984

Packaging: 6/220's

Dimensions: 6" x 7.5"

Front Label Back Label

  • Contains 220 wipes
  • Multi-count canister accomodates frequent usage
  • Place in patient rooms, nursing stations and hallways for convenient access

Individual Packets

SKU # D43600

Packaging: 10/100's

Dimensions: 5" x 8"

Front Label Back Label

  • Box contains 100 individually wrapped wipes
  • Allows staff to wash their hands on-the-go and easily provide hand hygiene to patients, as needed
  • 70% Ethyl Alcohol
  • Kills 99.99% of many common bacteria found on hands2
  • Wipe format removes dirt and soil better than gels and foams,3,4


FDA Food Code Compliant
  • Safe to use before eating and drinking5
  • Meets OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard 29 CFR Part 1910.1030 (d)(2)(iv)
  • Helps meet The Joint Commission 2018 National Patient Safety Goal #7
Instructions for Use
  1. Wipe fingertips and nails individually
  2. Wipe between all fingers of both hands
  3. Wipe both thumbs
  4. Wipe palms of both hands thoroughly
  5. Wipe back of hands
  6. Wipe both wrists and forearms
  • Not made with natural rubber latex
Made in the USA
  • Manufactured in the US with domestic and foreign materials to the highest quality standards
  • Contains soothing Aloe and Vitamin E to moisturize the skin
  • Are Sani-Hands® Instant Hand Sanitizing Wipes an FDA regulated product?

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    Sani-Hands Instant Hand Sanitizing Wipes are regulated by the US FDA as an OTC (Over-the-Counter) drug product covered under the Tentative Final Monograph for Healthcare Antiseptic Drug Products.

  • How long should I apply Sani-Hands® Instant Hand Sanitizing Wipes to the hands?

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    A contact time of 15 seconds provides a 99.99% reduction.

  • What is the expiration date on Sani-Hands® Instant Hand Sanitizing Wipes? 

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    Sani-Hands wipes have a 24 month expiration date from the date of finished product manufacturing.

  • Some PDI products state "store at room temperature." What is the definition of room temperature?

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    For our EPA-regulated products, such as Sani-Cloth® and Sani-Prime™ brand products, room temperature is defined as an average temperature of 25◦ C (77◦ F) and within a temperature range of 15◦ C to 30◦ C (59◦ F to 86◦ F). For our FDA-regulated products, such as Prevantics® brand products, “controlled room temperature” indicates a temperature maintained thermostatically that encompasses the usual customary working environment of 20◦ C to 25◦ C (68◦ F to 77◦ F). SOURCE: USP 41-NF 36 General Notices and Requirements (August 1, 2013 First Supplements) Section 10.30.50. “Room Temperature” indicates the temperature prevailing in a working area. Section 10.30.60. Controlled Room Temperature

  • What important information can be found on the Master Label?

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    • Company name and address
    • EPA Registration number – indicates which company holds the registration for the pesticide product, and in what sequence the product was submitted to EPA by the company.
    • EPA Establishment number – The final physical location where the pesticide product was produced or labeled.
    • Efficacy Claims
    • Product Toxicity category
    • Directions for use
    • Storage and Disposal Directions
    • Product contact time
    • First Aid and Precautionary statements
    • Marketing claims
  • What is a Master Label?

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    The Master Label contains all of the approved uses for a given pesticide product and all associated labeling. Master Labels must be submitted for EPA approval. EPA-approved Master Labels are stamped “ACCEPTED” and placed in the official record. Labeling for a given product must not contain any text beyond that which is approved in the Master Label, except for supplemental labeling. The Master Label provides critical information about how to handle and use the pesticide product.

  2. In vitro Time Kill Studies: Mycoscience Reports # 03-0598NPNY; Mycoscience Labs Study #GLP-03-021 rev 00, and Report GLP 03-0598 NPNY
  3. Clinical data is representative of Sani-Hands (NDC #: 10819-50) 65.9% Ethyl Alcohol formulation vs. the Purell (NDC #: 21749 515) 62% Ethyl Alcohol formulation.
  4. Data on file, PDI, Orangeburg, New York.
  5. Food Code Recommendations of the United States Public Health Service Food and Drug Administration, 2017

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