Emergency and Communicable Threats Preparedness

  • Author: Dr. Dionne Dixon SSBB,BCBA-C
  • 1 Contact Hour
  • 48:22

About this course

This course qualifies for 1 CE / 1 IPU and corresponds to the following Infection Prevention Unit (IPU) domain(s):

  • Surveillance and Epidemiologic Investigation
  • Employee / Occupational Health
  • Management and Communication

At the end of this course, the learner shall be able to:

  • Review ways to identify ES threats and emergencies: surveillance systems and practices, risk assessments
  • Introduce the preparedness framework for the environmental services threats and emergencies: surveillance, SOP, education and training, simulation exercises
  • Review the SOP development process and elements: space, supplies, staff
  • Discuss education and scheduling
  • Discuss training and simulation exercises

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