COVID-19 Update: Focus on Epidemiology, Projections, Mitigation Strategies, Vaccines, and Mental Health Issues

  • Author: David J. Weber,MD, MPH, FIDSA, FSHEA, FRSM (London)
  • 1 Contact Hour
  • 50:33

About this course

This course qualifies for 1 CE / 1 IPU and corresponds to the following Infection Prevention Unit (IPU) domain(s):

  • Identification of Infectious Disease Processes
  • Surveillance and Epidemiologic Investigation
  • Preventing/Controlling the Transmission of Infectious Agents

At the end of this course, the learner will be able to:

  • Describe the current epidemiology of COVID-19, including the drivers  for the increasing number of COVID-19 cases.
  • Outline the strategies that have been successful in mitigating  transmission of SARS-CoV-2 (e.g., masks).
  • Explain the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines in the era of the high prevalence of the Delta variant.
  • Detail the rationale for COVID-19 vaccine boosters and review early  data on effectiveness of a booster from studies conducted in Israel.
  • Highlight projections for the future and lessons learned about  pandemic response.

NOTE: You must complete the entire course before proceeding to the evaluation.

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