Coronavirus Prevention in the Long-Term Care Setting

About this course

This course qualifies for 1 CE / 1 IPU and corresponds to the following Infection Prevention Unit (IPU) domain(s):

  • Preventing/Controlling the Transmission of Infectious Agents
  • Environment of Care
  • Cleaning, Sterilization, Disinfection, Asepsis

At the end of this course, the learner shall be able to:

  • Describe the epidemiology of Coronavirus and novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)
  • Understand the new PPE requirements for Coronavirus in LTC
  • Cite the appropriate infection prevention practices for the LTC setting specific to COVID-19 prevention
  • Describe the environmental cleaning practices for eradication of novel Coronavirus
  • Understand the EPA’s List N disinfectants
  • Describe resources available to help monitor PPE and HH compliance
  • List prevention strategies for both staff and residents

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