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AORN Guidelines for Surgical Attire

Type: Product Instructions for Use & Signage

“The Guideline for Surgical Attire was approved by the AORN Guidelines Advisory Board and became effective as of July 1, 2019. The recommendations in the guideline are intended to be achievable and represent what is believed to be an optimal level of practice. Policies and procedures will reflect variations in practice settings and/or clinical situations that determine the degree to which the guideline can be implemented. AORN recognizes the many diverse settings in which perioperative nurses practice; therefore, this guideline is adaptable to all areas where operative or other invasive procedures may be performed.”

Researchers recommended regular cleaning of cell phones and other hand-held electronic devices to reduce the number of microorganisms present on the devices which helps to protect patients from the risk of HAIs. PDI offers a compatible touchscreen cleaner that works at the speed of technology: Easy Screen® Cleaning Wipe.



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