PDI Perspective Interview: An Extra Layer of Protection

Author: Alice Brewer, MPH, CIC, CPHQ, FAPIC, Clinical Affairs Director at Tru-D SMARTUVC

Type: Video

Clinical Affairs Director, Alice Brewer, MPH, CIC, CPHQ, FAPIC, Tru-D® SmartUVC, a PDI solution, discusses the benefits of a layered approach to infection prevention. Her background in infectious disease epidemiology provides her with an understanding of how this virus can spread and be controlled. In this interview, Alice highlights the need for hospitals to look at what they are currently doing in order to identify gaps or opportunities, using the latest research and evidence-based medicine and strategies to help bring about that change.

Excerpt from Interview:

The layered approach is something that we talk a lot about with both Tru-D and within PDI. The principle of Tru-D is that it gets brought in after manual disinfection has been completed with a chemical disinfectant. And so PDI products are used to disinfect the surfaces in the room first, and then Tru-D comes in afterward to just provide that extra layer of disinfection that keeps patients and healthcare workers safe.


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