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July 26, 2016

Meet PDI's New Director of Clinical Affairs

Debra Hagberg joins PDI with a background in medical technology, microbiology and infectious diseases. She began her career as a microbiologist, before transitioning into her role as an Infection Preventionist and then to a Director of IP/Quality. Deb has worked in a variety of healthcare settings, including ambulatory, acute rehabilitation, and industry, and holds a certification in infection control (CIC) and medical technology (ASCP). 


We asked Debra a few questions about her background as well as her thoughts on the healthcare industry. Read what she had to say:


What makes you most excited about your new role at PDI?
I am passionate about infection prevention and am challenged by the ongoing threat of emerging pathogens, antimicrobial resistance and the impact these have on patient and public safety. As Director of Clinical Affairs, I have the opportunity to develop and lead a team of highly trained clinicians to support the mission of PDI in the fight against preventable infections within healthcare, food service and the community. This makes my job really cool!


What do you see as one of the biggest opportunities for PDI to partner with healthcare professionals/facilities?
PDI’s extensive infection prevention portfolio and supporting resources allow for PDI to partner with facilities and healthcare professionals throughout the spectrum of healthcare. From a patient’s journey through the continuum of care, PDI provides quality products and programs to combat the threat of infection transmission. One of the greatest challenges within healthcare is managing change. By providing product and protocol consistency, and incorporating regulation compliance within infection prevention programs, PDI can assist facilities in reducing risk, [typically] associated with change, across the entire continuum of care. This is where a PDI partnership excels!


Fun Fact:
As a girl growing up I absolutely loved horses. Though I did not have an opportunity to take riding lessons back then, I fully supported my youngest daughter in her passion for horses and riding when she was old enough to learn. Consequently, we have owned a horse for 10 years and I had never ridden him! So now that I am middle-aged and a lot less flexible, I am finally taking riding lessons and enjoying the thrills and the pains of horseback riding! Life is good.


Acronym Key:
IP=Infection Preventionist