Sani-HyPerCide™ Germicidal Spray


For new hire training or yearly refresher, this in-service video covers a basic product overview, instructions for use and disposal information for Sani-HyPerCide Germicidal Spray.

With Sani-HyPerCide™ Germicidal Spray, you have the power to protect your patients and equipment. It is the only Hydrogen Peroxide sporicidal ready to use spray designed to provide powerful protection against HAI causing microorganisms, including Clostridium diffcile to help standardize your disinfection protocols without compromising compatibility.


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  • Are Sani-HyPerCide™ Disinfectants effective against C. diff.?

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    Yes. Sani-HyPerCide disinfectants are a ready-to-use Hydrogen Peroxide formula that is effective against Clostridioides difficle
  • What is the contact time for Sani-HyPerCide™ Disinfectants?

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    The contact time for the broad range of microogranisms such as TB, Norovirus, and C. auris is 1 minute. For Clostridioides difficle it is 5 minutes.
  • What is the shelf life for Sani-HyPerCide™ Disinfectants?

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    The shelf life for Sani-HyPerCide disinfectants are 12 months or 1 year.


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