ICT: 5 Overlooked High-Touch Hospital Surfaces

Categories: Articles July 29, 2020
High Touch Surfaces July 2020

Infection Control Today recently published an article written by Caitlin Stowe, PDI Clinical Affairs Research Manager, which addresses the importance of not overlooking high-touch surfaces that can transmit pathogens to the hands of Healthcare Workers, and ultimately to patients.

Excerpt from article:

If you’ve worked in healthcare for any amount of time, you’re probably familiar with the term “high-touch” surfaces. These are surfaces that are usually found in the patient room or patient care area, such as light switches, bedrails, and overbed tables. Disinfection of these surfaces is a critical part of infection prevention efforts because they are more likely to be contaminated with potential pathogens. With inadequate disinfection practices, healthcare workers are much more likely to acquire pathogens on their hands after touching these surfaces, potentially passing them on to patients. However, there are many surfaces and areas that are frequently touched yet often overlooked.

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