How to do it…Multidisciplinary infection control

Categories: Articles & Healthcare February 5, 2019

PDI Healthcare’s Clinical Science Liaison, Amanda Thornton, RN, MSN, CIC, was featured in an article about implementing infection control procedures on McKnight’s Long Term News website.

How to do it…Multidisciplinary infection control 

Source: McKnight’s Long Term Care News

Author: John Hall


“Many efforts to implement best practices in healthcare settings concede one fundamental universal truth: Successful change doesn’t happen in a vacuum. When it comes to implementing infection control procedures that minimize adverse events and maximize survey results, a multidisciplinary approach can be powerful.

Leave no one out. Engage top stakeholders, says Amanda Thornton, RN, clinical science liaison for PDI. From there, ‘Build a core group of ‘champions’ to be on an interdisciplinary team, and have them help to recruit and retain other multidisciplinary members that can support infection control initiatives,’ she says”