Featured Products: Sani-24® & Sani-HyPerCide® Disinfectants

The First and Only. Times Two.

The launch of these innovative disinfectants will help infection prevention professionals in the fight against rising HAIs as well as the ongoing battle against COVID-19. As part of a layered approach, Sani-24® and Sani-HyPerCide® disinfectants further support PDI’s commitment to helping prevent infections and promote health and wellness.

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Education & Resources

We provide best practices in infection prevention through free continuing education courses, digital product in-services and an extensive resource library.

Infection Prevention Experts

Our 40-year heritage has exclusively focused on fighting preventable infections and preserving the well-being of the facilities, clinicians and patients touched by our products.
Infection prevention is our passion—it’s all we do.

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Industry Partnerships

We continuously invest in industry relevant relationships that have a mutual goal of reducing preventable infections.