Where are some ideal areas the Sani-24 Wipe can be used in the healthcare setting?

March 16, 2022

The Sani-24 Wipe may be used as a routine general surface disinfectant.

Conversations with IP and EVS may address where CAD technology would benefit the most i.e. Areas to keep in mind by asking the question, “Do you think that surface/piece of equipment is disinfected as often as it needs to be?” The following are examples, not all inclusive, of surfaces/areas that may not be as frequently disinfected as they should:

  • Life Flight helicopters and/or EMS transport vehicles
  • Public and staff restrooms
  • Stair and escalator rails
  • Vending machine buttons
  • EVS equipment and carts
  • Workstations on wheels (WOWs)/Computers on wheels (COWs)
  • Gel and soap dispensers
  • Dining areas
  • Patient shared equipment such as Hoyer lifts and vital sign towers
  • Waiting areas
  • Lab carts
  • Outer perimeter of OR/bronchoscopy/colonoscopy suites. Outer perimeter may include built-in cabinets, extra tables/supply carts, equipment.
  • Med prep areas
  • Transportation/wheelchairs
  • PT/OT rehab gym spaces
  • Elevator buttons/high traffic door handles
  • Common rooms/break rooms
  • ED
  • Registration
  • ATMs/kiosks
  • Diagnostic testing/imaging areas