When is the Profend™ Nasal Decolonization Kit used?

August 27, 2018

The Profend Nasal Decolonization Kit can be used on patients who have tested positive for S. aureus and/or MRSA. As an alternative to a “test and treat” strategy, the ease and speed of application and economical design make Profend suitable for universal decolonization of all patients, saving time and money spent on patient testing. Regardless of decolonization strategy, Profend has proven efficacy—in a study of healthy volunteers, the Profend Nasal Decolonization Kit reduced S. aureus by 99.7% at 1 hour and 99.9%* at 12 hours post-application.With this in mind, for pre-operative use, clinicians may choose to apply the product to the patient 1-2 hours prior to surgery depending on hospital protocol.

SOURCE: PDI in vivo Study 0113-CTEVO.