What’s new? Strategies for Healthcare Environment Infection Prevention

  • Author: William Rutala, PhD, MPH, MS, CIC
  • 1 Contact Hour
  • 55:47

About this course

Originally presented at the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) 2017, this session covers current and emerging strategies for infection prevention via the healthcare environment. World renowned thought leader, Dr. Bill Rutala, reviews the role of the environment in disease transmission and products/practices for surface disinfection. In addition, he discusses data surrounding technologies for terminal and continuous room decontamination.

Upon completion, the participant will be able to:
1. Identify technologies (current and emerging) for environmental disinfection
2. Understand new issues in inactivating emerging pathogens and surface biofilms
3. Implement evidence-based practices for infection prevention in the healthcare environment


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