O&M: "Spotlight on Chlorhexidine Gluconate (CHG) and Its Sidekick Alcohol"

  • Author: Holly Montejano, MS, CIC, CPHQ, VA-BC
  • 1 Contact Hour
  • For Alcohol, CHG, CHG and Alcohol, Chlorhexidine Gluconate, Device Disinfection, Needleless Connector & Skin Prep
  • 44:04

About this course

PDI is proud to partner with Owens & Minor for a free continuing education webinar series.

Holly Montejano, MS, CIC, CPHQ, VA-BC, PDI Clinical Science Liaison will discuss the chemistry and history of CHG and how it has become the gold standard for skin antisepsis and needleless connector disinfection in the healthcare setting. Explore the manufacturing processes which provide product quality control and assurance, as well as the FDA approval processes for the use of CHG and alcohol containing products in healthcare. Finally, discuss the recommendations for skin antisepsis and needleless connector disinfection in an effort to provide positive clinical outcomes amongst even the highest risk patient populations when we conclude with a review of healthcare success stories. CLICK HERE to register


At the end of this course, the learner shall be:

  • Describe the mode of action and efficacy of CHG
  • Outline the historical development and various uses of CHG in the healthcare setting
  • Define quality control and quality assurance and provide industry concern examples
  • Differentiate the FDA approval process for CHG/Alcohol-containing skin and device products
  • Recite recommendations for skin preparation and needleless connector disinfection with CHG/Alcohol-containing products
  • Illustrate examples of CHG healthcare success stories

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