APIC NE Florida Chapter: Candida auris: Introduction and Current Recommendations for Maintaining A Safe Patient Environment

  • Author: Holly Montejano, MS, CIC, CPHQ
  • 1 Contact Hour

About this course

NOTE: This is a LIVE webinar scheduled with APIC NE Florida Chapter, scheduled for July22.


This program will review the epidemiology, treatment options, and prevention guidelines regarding Candida auris. It will also review some recent case studies and the importance of notifying public health partners when a case is suspected.

At the end of the program, the learner shall be able to:
1. Describe the epidemiology of Candida auris
2. Cite Candida auris case studies and identify issues with fungal resistance and explain the importance of antifungal stewardship
3. Outline the different treatment options for Candida auris infection
4. Outline the difficulties that exist in identifying Candida auris in the laboratory
5. Describe the hierarchy of pathogens for choosing a disinfectant
6. Describe the environmental cleaning practices for eradication of Candida auris and appropriate infection prevention practices for the healthcare setting
7. Outline the CDC recommendation for notifying public health partners

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