Connecting the Dots, Removing the Spots

Categories: Articles & Healthcare December 5, 2017
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PDI Healthcare’s Sani-Prime™ Germicidal Spray was featured on the Healthcare Purchasing News website in an article that showcased a wide variety of disinfectants available to kill dangerous microbes that can cause hospital-acquired infections (HAIs).

Connecting the Dots, Removing the Spots

Healthcare Purchasing News (

Author: Kara Nadeau


Elise Tordella, VP, Marketing, PDI Healthcare, says pre-moistened wipes or ready-to-use sprays support workflow efficiency since they can help take the guesswork out of disinfection. She adds that a product’s “contact time” should be easily identifiable to help avoid staff confusion and ensure compliance with the product’s requirements.

“Furthermore, the supplier should provide both education and implementation support, as well as tools or point-of-care accessories, to ensure staff compliance and easy access for the end user,” Tordella adds.

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