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In the fight against infections, it’s important to keep surface material compatibility in mind

By Chris Snively, PhD, Senior Scientist, Compatibility, PDI, and Edward Kung, PhD, Senior Manager, Healthcare Technology & Innovation, SABIC

Featured in the July/August issue of Surgical Products Magazine

Leaders in infection prevention and thermoplastic technology conduct stress-cracking study to unravel compatibility issues

We understand that equipment compatibility is an important factor when considering a surface disinfectant. As a result, our R&D team has conducted in-house compatibility testing of our Sani-Cloth® brand germicidal disposable wipes on common surface materials found within the healthcare environment.

Medical equipment is being cleaned and disinfected more frequently in the effort to prevent healthcare associated infections (HAIs). Here are suggested questions to ask equipment manufacturers as you discuss current equipment, or as you consider adding new equipment to your facility.

Material incompatibility is the failure of a material when exposed to certain types of environmental factors. It can be caused by poorly selected material for the device’s usage, or by disinfecting equipment with products not designed for its surface material. 

Orangeburg, New York – April 6, 2016 – PDI, a leader in infection prevention products and solutions, announced that Dr. Hudson Garrett, Vice President of Clinical Affairs at PDI, Inc. and Dr. Jaime Ferreira, Director of Surface Disinfectant Product Development, will participate in a new AAMI webinar discussing Medical Device compatibility.