Beyond the Essentials: 2019 AORN Regional Workshops

Categories: Events September 27, 2019

PDI is honored to participate in the 2019 AORN Fall Beyond the Essentials Workshop series, where “new and seasoned professionals can update their clinical knowledge and certification.”

Below is the schedule of Professional Development events, highlighting the locations where PDI will be represented.

Advancing Patient Care

  • September 28, Dallas TX
  • Saturday, October 19, Charlotte, NC
  • Saturday,October 26, Los Angeles, CA
  • Saturday, November 2, Kansas City, MO
  • Saturday, November 9, New York City, NY
  • Saturday, November 16, Seattle, WA

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Enhancing Quality Care

  • Saturday, October 19, San Francisco, CA
  • Saturday,October 26, Orlando, FL
  • Saturday, November 2, Atlanta GA
  • Saturday, November 9, Houston TX
  • Saturday, November 16, Baltimore MD

To learn more about this series, please visit: