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November 18, 2015

Technology Stops Infection in its Tracks: Surface Disinfection

Technology Stops Infection in its Tracks: Surface Disinfection

Efforts to control HAIs and SSIs have resulted in a flood of infection prevention products, countless studies and stricter practices. Budgets for 2016 are already rolling out, and these infection control innovations are starting to appear. Suppliers predict all of them will be universally accepted technologies in years to come. Even with antimicrobial properties, standard manual cleaning will remain, despite its challenges. Various quality assurance products are available for infection preventionist to double check procedures, but Warwick Spencer, critical care business manager at Contec, says the biggest challenge is to develop standardized and repeatable procedures. Single-use cleaning tools have also been recommended. Dr. J. Hudson Garrett Jr., vice president of clinical affairs at PDI, agreed and said superbug outbreaks have highlighted the importance of thorough cleaning.

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